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Rajasthani Puppet Metal Wall Art Used For Home, Office, And...More

Rajasthani Puppet Metal Wall Art Used For Home, Office, And Living Room Decoration Size 30x7.5 inches




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Product Description

This metal wall art depicts a colorful Rajasthani puppet, crafted using intricate details and vibrant hues. Measuring 30x7.5 inches, it is perfect for adorning the walls of homes, offices, and living rooms. The traditional puppet art form of Rajasthan is renowned for its beautiful and lively expressions, and this metal wall art is no exception. The use of metal as a medium enhances the durability and longevity of the artwork, making it a great investment for any art lover. This Rajasthani puppet metal wall art is sure to add a touch of cultural charm and elegance to any space.

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Product Information


High-quality metal

Suitable for

Home or Office Décor




Smooth and Polished


Easy to clean and maintain

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